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Locked and Isolated in BlogLand
2012-08-03, 9:48 p.m.

Locked. This is going to make me nuts--but I'm calling it right here that this is only temporary. Sooner or later I'll be in a place again where I can unlock and when that happens, I will.

It's not that I write for anyone else, in particular, but I've always been pretty happy with the way that I write and I like knowing that a handful of random strangers appreciate it too. If I wanted to keep it just for me I'd put pen to paper and find some sort of secret hiding spot to stash my records. I think the last time I had a pen-and-paper journal, I was 15 or 16.

Then, I was also thinking that there is currently only one person who has access to this diary now. That one person set out earlier today for the camping adventure that he's been planning since he returned from the same thing a year ago... In all likelihood, I will be part of the planning for next year's trip. It would be swell if Jeff could pull his head out of his ass by this time next year so he could just keep the kids for that week if/when I plan to be out of town, but again... I digress.

So, in the meantime this place serves as almost a really elaborate email setup--until I get more passwords out to more of my random unknown readers. Or maybe I'll just relocate for a while...

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