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2005-05-07, 10:46 a.m.

Today is not going to be my typical Saturday, I've decided. Today I am going to go on a mad cleaning spree like the new Pope is coming over to visit tomorrow. Today, I am going to make this place look like grown-ups really live here and not like a letter bomb exploded in my living room. Today I am going to put to use the new rubber gloves we bought last weekend so that I won't get bleach on my hands when I try to scrub things. Today, I am going to crack open that full bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap. Today I am going to figure out what needs baby-proofing, how it should be done and do whatever I can myself. Today, the only thing I don't think I'm going to do is move the large pieces of furniture that need moved (but I would if I could). We'll see at the end of the day how serious I really am... If I'm lucky, I will at least have put in a load of laundry.
Wish me luck!

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